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Istanbul Monsters

Here is a project I’ve been working on about one year ago. It was an original Idea of Ömür Kökeş, a creative director of “Anima Istanbul” and we worked as a team for a Cgtalk challenge.  We did not won but it have been a lot of fun to be part of this project. Unfortunately this project didn’t continue after the realization of the trailer because everybody was busy on some other projects. Some of the characters haven’t been shown. I post here some test renders of Tposes from these character. I’ve been doing all the texture development and shader for this project. I’ve also done all the lightning and rendering for the trailer.

and here all the characters in their Tpose.

Full credits :

director & original artwork by : Omur Kokes
character design : Omur Kokes

production design: JM Bihorel, Ceyhan Kapusuz, Ayse Unal
technical leads: JM Bihorel, Ceyhan Kapusuz
DOPs: Murat Erdem, Polat Korkmazel, Baris Gursel, Arda Evin, Ayse Unal
script: Ayse Unal
editing: Ayse Unal, Cigdem Yersel
animation: Guliz Demiray, Alp Gursoy, Ceyhan Kapusuz, Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam, JM bihorel
character TD: Ceyhan Kapusuz, Eda Gokce
character lead: Nermin Er
modeling: Ozgul Gurbuz, Civan Sari
shading & lighting : JM Bihorel
compositing, color & title design : Ilhan Poyraz, Arda Evin, Baris Gursel
audio mix & complimentary theme: Ozan Kurtulus
original music : Baba Zula
producer : Anima Animation Studio / Istanbul

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